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1. How many people visit the website?

Each month more than 30,000 visitors use the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network website (mclose to 450,000 visits each year). In some months usage reaches 60,000 visitors. Since August 2003 when the site was launched, millions of visitors have used the site making it the most visited plant information system in the southern hemisphere.

2. Can I use your plant photos on my website or in a publication?

Network members may use the images for their own presentations, publications and reports provided they acknowledge the photographer and the Network (as the source). Higher resolution images are available for free to members. Images are not available for use on other websites except in extraordinary circumstances.

Non-members may use images provided acknowledgement is made of the photographer and Network (as the source). Non-members will be charged for use of high resolution images although in some exceptional cases this will be waived. Any commercial use of the website images requires the photographers consent. Requests for commercial use of images should be made to info@nzpcn.org.nz. For more information about images and their use contact the Network at info@nzpcn.org.nz.

3. Can I set up a link from my website to yours?

You are welcome to link your website through to our home page - www.nzpcn.org.nz provided the activities of your organisation do not conflict with the mission or work of the Network. If in doubt contact the Network Webmaster at info@nzpcn.org.nz.

This page last updated on 16 Sep 2013

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