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A new feature has been added to the Network website that allows Network members to select up to 20 plant species and automatically create a full colour, fully illustrated A4 book describing them (in PDF format). Information is obtained from our on-line database to create the book so it is as up-to-date as the website. Please note that for some species, where descriptions have not been completed on the website, the book page may lack detail. Please ensure you preview your book before making it into a PDF to avoid disappointment.

If the images selected for the book are alike or you believe there are others that would be better for use in the book please tell us and we can change the programming to improve the book design.

Making your own plant identification book could not be easier.

How to make a book:

1. Choose the species you want in your book
For each species in a list or on each species details page there is an "Add to book" link. Click on this for each species you wish to include (up to a maximum of 20). Then when you are ready to view the book click on "View my Book". You can then review the selected species and remove any you do not want.

2. Type in a book title
Decide on a title for your book and type this in the Title box.

3. Select a cover image
Click on an image, from those available, to select it for use on the cover.

4. Include some introductory text
We have prepared a pre-written book introduction but if you want you can write up to 4000 characters and include that as your own introductory text.

5. Decide of the style of cover (Green or Grey)
You can then select if you want a green or grey cover style.

6. Select the glossary of terms
If you would like to include a glossary of botanical terms at the end of the book then click "yes" to add this. These are automatically taken from our on-line glossary.

7. Preview your book
When you have completed the above tasks, click on "Preview my book" to see what your book will look like. Note that not all images on the website are available for use in the books. In some cases there maybe no images available and in others the image selected may not be the best one. Please email the network ( if you want us to change the image selected for any of your chosen species.  

8. Publish your book
If you are happy with the book then click on "Publish my book". Depending on how many species you selected it may take up to 2 minutes for the book to be built. Note - if you are a member then you will have to log in before publishing your book.

9. Download book
A message will appear that says "Click here to download your Flora book". Click on the link and you will open a PDF file of your book.

10. Save as a PDF
You can save this document to your computer. We recommend you save this file to your computer before printing on your home or work printer or (if the file is not too large) emailing it to friends or colleagues.

This page last updated on 10 Oct 2012

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