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This forum is moderated by the Network Council with help from volunteers. All submissions are screened before being posted. Moderators will not limit discussion or promote or suppress points of view. The Network wants to ensure use of the forum is enjoyable and educational. If your posts are not accepted there will be a reason for it. If you want to notify the Network of an error on this website please email us at: rather than posting a forum article.

Accepted behaviours

Please be courteous to fellow members. Prior to posting a new topic please search the past topics to make sure it has not already been posted and answered. Keep your topics and responses on the subject of plant conservation. Use common sense, be friendly and be helpful with your responses. If in doubt about any aspect of the forum please email the Network at 


Moderators may at any time send a warning to a forum user for not adhering to these rules. This will be for violating the rules of the forum. Repeated warnings may lead to a ban that can be temporary or permanent.

Bannable offences

You may be banned from the forum for any of the following offences:
  • Insults
  • Harassment
  • Overposting
  • Advertising
  • Posting vulgar or hateful or threatening messages
  • Purposely misleading users

What not to do

  • Do not post threads or answers that are unrelated to plant conservation.
  • Do not post two or three word threads such as "I agree".
  • Do not point out other people's spelling or grammatical mistakes
  • Do not use foul language or swear words
  • Do not point out website errors (email us instead:
If you have a topic to post:

This page last updated on 26 Sep 2012

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