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Top ten favourite native plants in 2016

Dryland sow thistle. Photo: John Barkla

The votes are in and this year it is an interesting mix of familiar and unfamiliar species, ranging from large showy trees to tiny cryptic herbs. As is often the case, several of the well-loved plants are under threat and many voters expressed a desire for the plights of their favourite species to be more widely appreciated. 

The top ten native species for the 2016 Favourite Plant Vote are:

1. Rata moehau/Bartlett's rata (Metrosideros bartlettii) (Threatened - Nationally Critical)

2. Dryland sow thistle (Sonchus novae-zelandiae) (Threatened - Natonionally Vulnerable)

3. Caladenia bartlettii (At Risk - Naturally Uncommon)

4. Mountain violet (Viola cunninghamii)

5. Kohuhu Tangihua/Surville Cliffs Kohuhu (Pittosporum serpentinum) (Threatened - Nationally Critical)

6. Kauri (Agathis australis)

7. Poor Knight's lily (Xeronema callistemon f. bracteosa)

8. Taurepo/New Zealand gloxinia (Rhabdothamnus solandri)

9. Dracophyllum traversii 

10. False spaniard (Celmisia lyallii)

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