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2012 Favourite Plant Vote results

The Favourite Plant votes for 2012 and have been tallied and it is clear that Kiwis love their forests. The 2012 Favourite Plant winner is kauri (Agathis australis) and all other native plants in the top 10 are trees or shrubs. The Network first ran the favourite plant vote in 2002 and since the early days trees have been popular with voters. Previous winners can be viewed here.

“The size and longevity of trees means these plants often signify important places or times in people’s lives” says Network President, Philippa Crisp. For many people, Kauri epitomises the grandeur of a large forest tree and voters passionately describe it as our ‘forest king’ and a ‘taonga’. A recurring theme was people’s concern for kauri dieback (Phytophthora taxon Agathis (PTA)). Voters also commented on the important role kauri has played in our history and culture, providing us with materials such as gum and timber. Kauri create its own unique forest type that supports a diverse range of plants and animals. It is clear from voters’ comments that Kiwis are keen gardeners and avid conservationists. Voters demonstrated in-depth knowledge about how best to grow their favourite native plant (and why particular weeds are so worrisome as well as practical advice on control methods).

Top ten species for 2012 Favourite Native Plant

1. Kauri (Agathis australis)
2. Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa)
3. Puriri (Vitex lucens)
4. Colensoa (Lobelia physaloides)
5. Fierce lancewood (Pseudopanax ferox)
6. Southern rata (Metrosideros umbellata)
7. Ongaonga (Urtica ferox)
8. Toi (Cordyline indivisa)
9. Northern rata (Metrosideros robusta)
10. Tawari (Ixerba brexioides)


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