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Melicytus alpinus

5/07/2010 2:28:55 p.m.
Is the various different forms ever going to be resolved as i have two types growing at home.One is from Blondin stream in Canterbury,and the other [i think] is from somewhere in the Marlborough area.
9/08/2010 11:44:19 a.m.
Hi John

As far as I know Dr Brian Molloy is still working on this. Quite a bit has been done on the complex with respect to their cytology and DNA sequence data has been gathered (see Mitchell et al 2009) but beyond that its a "work in progress".



Mitchell, A.D.; Heenan, P.B.; Murray, B.G.; Molloy, B,.P.J.; de Lange, P.J. 2009: Evolution of the south-west Pacific genus Melicytus (Violaceae): evidence from DNA sequence data, cytology, and sex expression. Australian Systematic Botany 22: 143-157.
11/08/2010 10:08:54 p.m.
Thanks Peter
I just realised that i have at least 2 more unclassified members of Melicytus alpinus at home so it will be good when they are finally resolved.

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