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Contractors to eco-source native plant seeds?

Gregg Brown
(Non-member from Rotorua District)
25/06/2018 11:18:36 a.m.
We are looking to start a non-profit plant nursery in the Rotorua district. Wondered if there is anyone out there we can pay to collect locally sourced seed. Any leads appreciated.
11/07/2018 2:47:50 p.m.
Have you thought of getting in touch with the Rotorua Botanical Society? They may be able to help. http://www.wildlands.co.nz/company/rotorua-botanical-society/
11/07/2018 2:58:52 p.m.
Or you could contact Wildlands 07 343 9017 ecology@wildlands.co.nz
Gregg Brown
(Non-member from Rotorua District)
11/07/2018 7:43:45 p.m.
Hi Jesse, Astrid. Great suggestions. I know Sarah (and Willy) plus Paul Cashmore. Thank you.

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