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Rytidosperma buchananii

24/02/2010 6:03:50 p.m.
Have you observed this species in alpine bogs often
11/03/2010 1:43:10 p.m.
Well, I saw often yesterday in Oreobolus pectinatus-dominated flushes in the Ohau area. In these montane to sub-alpine wetlands Rytidosperma australe grows on the dampest Oreobolus cushions,which are usually in the centre or along a shallow stream, then the Rytidosperma horrens (which we were looking for) is on the higher and drier cushionsclumps of Rytidosperma buchananii. Occasionally few-flowered plants of R.buchananii grow on drier Oreobolus cushions. In the surrounding Narrow-leaved snow-tussock or short tussock there was plenty of R. pumilum.
23/03/2010 1:56:13 p.m.
I have not seen R. buchananii in wetland situations - only on or near rocks/bluffs. The usual tall wetland Rytidosperma is R. nigricans, but the two are usually quite different - R. nigiricans has usually a dark colouration and the upper lemma hairs are distinctly longer than the top of the palea. If people are finding R. buchananii in wetlands it would be worth vouchering specimens into a herbarium

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