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What is killing our toetoe?

Barbara Simons
(Non-member from Kapiti Coast District)
13/06/2018 7:42:12 p.m.
following the summer drought the Otaki River restoration project has lost a lot of large toetoe. (we also sometimes lose small ones in the nusery.) all out references suggest they should tolerate both dry and wet. What are we doing wrong?
16/06/2018 3:51:52 p.m.
Possibly Fusarium wilt - a fungal disease - I have seen similar 'sudden death' of Chatham Island toetoe (Austroderia turbaria). Nursery-raised stock, planted out on Chatham Island, and it all died in much the pattern you describe and what is depicted here. Soil testing found a species of Fusarium was responsible. I don't know what you can do about it.

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