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Metrosideros bartlettii

26/12/2009 12:01:11 p.m.
Conservation is happening. There are many people working hard to save Rata Moehau. Rata Moehau is the preferred common name of local iwi Ngati Kuri and means the rata asleep on the hill. The conservation programme involves pest control, population enhancement, and advocacy.

Intensive possum management at two sites on public conservation land has happened since the mid 90's. One site is now protected from pigs. There have been 360 plants put into two sites with some survivors up to 2m high. The aim is to have secure sites in Te Paki district with plants from all 3 sites. Much work involves conservation on private land protected by a Kawenata and possum control. To increase advocacy for and access to experience this magnificent forest giant, Rata Moehau will provide part of the structural framework for viewing the stories on the way to Te Rerenga Wairua. Thanks for your time people and keep up the good work caring for all our beautiful plant Taonga.

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