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Tecomanthe speciosa

(Non-member from Porirua City)
20/05/2018 11:42:25 a.m.
A departing neighbour left a dead looking potted tecomanthe with us some 20 years ago which we planted. It survived and last year had a few flowers for the first time. Nothing came of them. This year it has a huge number of flowers. Your web site suggests they are readily pollinated but we have also been told the plant could be sterile. Are some of these plants sterile.
20/05/2018 5:13:04 p.m.
No they will be fertile. However, they will most likely need pollination - tui, bellbird, waxeye etc will usually do this but it depends on their density in your area, other nectar sources AND the clone you have. The original stock was cutting grown from the sole wild plant and that material had larger flowers with the stamens set well away from the stigma - it rarely sets seed - but seedlings raised from the seed that was have over several generations produced smaller flowers with the stamens and stigma set more closely together - they readily set seed, whether visited by birds or not. If you get no seed set, trying hand pollinating the flowers, or be patient and wait a few more years, in time it will flower more heavily and birds will find it.
(Non-member from Porirua City)
20/05/2018 5:27:43 p.m.
Many thanks. There are a lot of tui, bell birds etc in our bush but few flowers last year. This year there would be 60 or more flowers so I will try hand pollination but hope the birds do there job.

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