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What is the common name for this shrub please

12/05/2018 8:52:41 a.m.
what is the name of this shrub please
13/05/2018 9:09:19 p.m.
Hi Vonny,
It's a Coprosma which I can tell from the bumps on the leaves above the domatia (pits) which you will see if you turn it over. Just which species is another matter. There are very good photos with the online Coprosma key, which is also available as a smartphone app.
(Non-member from Kaipara District)
13/05/2018 10:54:26 p.m.
What is the name of this plant/weed? Please note the leaf formation. It smothers everything in sight.
18/05/2018 11:02:04 a.m.
Your vine is a native (surprisingly).
Ipomoea cairica http://www.nzpcn.org.nz/flora_details.aspx?ID=2163
It's not a threatened species so if it's a problem for you don't feel too bad about managing it, although maybe you can have a wild corner.

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