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Berry identification

(Non-member from Auckland)
10/05/2018 1:51:26 p.m.

I am wondering if you can help me by identifying what plant these berries are from?
My dog keeps finding them in our garden and eating them and I am worried they might be poisonous. I can not tell what tree or shrub they come from.
From lots of google searching they look most like the black nightshade which we did have some growing in the garden, except that from what I can see the berries of the black nightshade, the stem that attaches to the berry has a five points/crown around it, and the ones that I am finding are just a circle.

Thank you for your help

11/05/2018 8:40:43 a.m.
Erin, can you please also provide a photo of the plant and the leaves on the plant. Hard to tell what it is otherwise. Remember to make the photos smaller than 500kb.
Thank you
(Non-member from Auckland)
12/05/2018 4:04:13 p.m.
Hi, I would take a picture of the plant and leaves, but there are many different bushes and trees in my garden and I can't tell which one it comes from. I have looked closely at all the plants that I can reach and can't find any with the same berries.
13/05/2018 9:00:14 p.m.
Erin, these fruits remind me of puka, Meryta sinclairii, http://www.nzpcn.org.nz/flora_details.aspx?ID=585 If there's a puka nearby this might be the answer, certainly the calyx ring you describe would be a feature, as it is for other Araliaceae like lancewood and common ivy.

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