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Plants from otari Wilson's bush

(Non-member from Wellington City)
1/10/2019 8:39:02 p.m.
Hi last weekend for a uni research project we did measurements in a area of otari as part of it we had to identify all the plant species in the area I've managed to figure out all but 3 and would greatly appreciate some help (more photos to come)
1/10/2019 8:42:46 p.m.
Hi Ben, photos have to be smaller than 500kb to load.
(Non-member from Wellington City)
1/10/2019 9:07:10 p.m.
1/10/2019 9:26:19 p.m.
Hi Ben the first photo didn't load. The second one looks like a Parsonsia seedling - probably heterophylla, but hard to tell without flowers.
(Non-member from Wellington City)
1/10/2019 9:28:40 p.m.
1st again
(Non-member from Wellington City)
1/10/2019 9:32:34 p.m.
1/10/2019 9:51:15 p.m.
Hi Ben, number 3 didn't load. Number 1 again is Asplenium bulbiferum, hen and chicken fern http://www.nzpcn.org.nz/flora_details.aspx?ID=1520
(Non-member from Wellington City)
1/10/2019 9:58:57 p.m.
2nd again
1/10/2019 10:09:36 p.m.
Presumably 2 again = 3 again ;-) Looks like another Parsonsia seedling. I'm not confident enough on No 4. You wouldn't happen to have any closeups of that one?
(Non-member from Wellington City)
2/10/2019 1:33:42 a.m.
I doubt it will be helpful but I have this one also thanks for the help

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