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Halocarpus biforme

6/03/2019 8:30:07 p.m.
Can someone come up with a Maori name for H. biformis? I imagine there would have been one but perhaps it has been lost.
12/03/2019 8:02:30 a.m.
Although there are clear differences, is it not probable that 'Monoao' is a name that was applied to multiple similar species ? Various species that are referred to as mingimingi show much greater differences than H. biforme, H. kirkii and Manoao colensoi. The two latter species have both been known by the name 'Monoao'.
12/03/2019 9:04:17 a.m.
Thanks Philip. I had noticed that minigimingi was used for strikingly different plants and had wondered if they were tribal in origin as Maori were pretty astute observers. And of course there may have been difficulties with the early efforts to record in writing what the Maori experts were telling them

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