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Streblus hybrid? (second photo)

17/02/2019 11:29:49 a.m.
And a close-up of the leaves.
18/02/2019 10:04:23 p.m.
Streblus banksii more likely - yes all our Streblus hybridize, and working them out is not easy. The current circumscription of S. banksii includes, I have little doubt some hybrids, certainly herbarium specimens attributed to this species held at AK are a mixed bag but for now I would call this S. banksii.
19/02/2019 8:41:04 a.m.
I have a theory about some variance in leaf size of S. banksii. I do realise they readily hybridize which I have definitely seen where both S. banksii and S. heterophylla co-exist. Down here in Kapiti this year the S. banksii are having what could only be likened to a mast year, this has made the telling apart of the males and females easy for the first time. I have noted that the male specimens seem to have noticeably larger leaves than the females. They are non-pandurate on mature plants so I am pretty happy with them being S. banksii, also no S. heterophyllus to be seen.
20/02/2019 2:33:31 p.m.
Many thanks to both for these comments. Matt - the only problem in this case is that it is a female (and a very prolific one) that has the outsized leaves!

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