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(Non-member from Dunedin City)
29/01/2019 2:21:32 p.m.
Growing in neighbour's garden; never flowers but spreads everywhere. She asks what it is and whether to relocate to encourage fowering.
30/01/2019 9:25:23 a.m.
HI Polly can you please upload an image smaller than 500kb. We can't identify from text. Thanks from Astrid
(Non-member from Dunedin City)
30/01/2019 10:19:20 a.m.
uploading 433.6 KiB for the second time. If image is not visible might there be a malfunction in the uploader?
30/01/2019 10:33:08 a.m.
HI Polly, because you are not a member of NZPCN somebody has to approve your post and the upload of a photo. This is done by volunteers, when they have time.

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