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Hedera helix

Robin Burrow
(Non-member from Upper Hutt City)
25/01/2019 1:08:35 p.m.
Could varieties of this vine cause contact dermatitis with rash, small crusty sores and soft lumps mainly on arms and legs? I have been recovering from these problems since mid October and if a possible source plus lillies then i will try to take photos on my mobile.
28/01/2019 2:59:29 p.m.
HI Robyn, I suggest that you contact the NZ poisons centre - they are more likely to have knowledge of this https://poisons.co.nz/
29/01/2019 3:24:24 p.m.
Hi Robyn,

Yes both ivy and lilies could be the cause of contact dermatitis and it is possible for the rash to be more widespread that at the actual point of contact. I do wonder at the duration unless there has been ongoing exposure to the plants. There are plenty of other possibilities for gardeners, including cleavers (sticky weed) and rubber gloves, and the cause may be quite tricky to sort out. If you feel you are not winning I suggest you see your GP or a skin specialist. Having said all that I agree that Astrid's suggestion would make a good start.
6/02/2019 11:02:00 a.m.
If you're clearing a weedy section/patch of bush or similar then consider Wandering Willie, Tradescantia. It doesn't bother me but I've met a few dogs that get weeping welts from walking through it and it would be common in the Hutt.
Robin Burrow
(Non-member from Upper Hutt City)
6/02/2019 4:30:37 p.m.
Thanks Graham and "WW" could well be the cause as i have been clearing it from the garden with gloves but some could well have touched my legs and arms. Will show a piece to the GP I am consulting shortly for some more related ointment but is there any simple test like sap onto white paper? I don't have a dog!

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