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Plant ID Please!

Cirran Payne
(Non-member from Whangarei District)
10/01/2019 12:47:36 p.m.
This is called 'rari rari' by the people of Pawarenga (Far North) where this seems to be taking over the world. Any clues or information please.
10/01/2019 3:02:28 p.m.
Can you please attache a photo of 500kb or less. We can't id on just words. Thanks
Cirran Payne
(Non-member from Whangarei District)
10/01/2019 3:37:46 p.m.
Yep, I tried three times but it doesn't seem to upload until now...thanks
10/01/2019 9:14:45 p.m.
Cape honey flower, Melianthus major. It's a very invasive weed in the Far North and we do see it occasionally in Hawkes Bay. Not sure how much further south it goes.
Cirran Payne
(Non-member from Whangarei District)
10/01/2019 9:23:49 p.m.
Thanks Mike!! I was hoping it might have some use, but looks like it is just an ugly weed.....
13/01/2019 4:30:37 p.m.
Also occurs in the Hutt Valley/Wellington region.

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