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13/01/2018 12:44:20 p.m.
How long does moderation usually take? I applied a forum post to try to identify 2 plants on Wednesday, but it hasn't been uploaded to the forum yet. Is there anyway I can check its progress? Thanks.
14/01/2018 5:38:06 p.m.
Hi Dylan - NZPCN is run by volunteers - its quite likely that the person responsible for moderation is currently away on holiday. Sorry but you will just have to be patient.
15/01/2018 8:33:04 a.m.
Hi Dylan, I've process all the files in the moderation cue, and sorry but I haven't come across yours. Can you please re-submit. Note that photos need to be less than 500kb to be able to upload. Thank you.
17/01/2018 5:43:04 p.m.
I just had photos, didn't check the size. Apparently they are 5,000kb; and that's coming off an old camera wow! How do I get em as small as 500?
17/01/2018 7:09:51 p.m.
Hi Dylan, There are numerous free downsizing app's available on the web. Pick one you like and compress your pictures, then we will try to help...cheers Matt

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