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Plant ID please

Kev Carter
(Non-member from Southland District)
1/01/2018 5:44:51 p.m.
Hi there, I have these plants growing on the side of my driveway which I assume are exotics. I've had a go using the LUCID key on the Landcare Research website but I can't seem to narrow it down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Kev.
2/01/2018 9:18:44 a.m.
Ligularia, and yes it is an exotic. Grown as much for the attractive leaves as for the flower I think. Some leaves have spots hence 'leopard plant'
Kev Carter
(Non-member from Southland District)
2/01/2018 12:09:35 p.m.
Thanks Mike, that's great. I can do a bit of further reading now.
2/01/2018 4:39:59 p.m.
Mike is correct Ligularia reniforms (vernacular - 'Leopard Plant'). Quite widely cultivated, I have yet to see it self-establishing and this is why you would not have found it in the LUCID key of Landcare Research.

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