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Scandia rosifolia

Trish McKenzie
(Non-member from Waitaki District)
4/09/2017 9:36:17 a.m.
Available at propagators ?
5/09/2017 12:54:22 p.m.
Try Oratia Native Plant Nursery (09-818 6467) they used to sell it
5/09/2017 3:54:29 p.m.
Southerly forms like the smaller-leaved variant that occurs at Te Mata Peak or those that occur on the East Coast are probably better suited for cold conditions (although it will need active consideration for its position in the Waitaki district). Native Garden Nursery in Gisborne and Plant Hawkes Bay periodically grow this species, and your best option is to arrange an order prior to their availability rather than relying on ex stock availability.
5/09/2017 4:39:00 p.m.
Just a comment. There are indeed two races of Scandia - but the "Southerly Form" noted by Philip is actually a race typical of base-rich rocks (i.e. basicolous) and was very common (when I was a teenager anyway) on the limestone outcrops of the Western Waikato, and especially on that rock (and on associated basalt) of the coastline from Kawhia Harbour as far north as Port Waikato. It is not a southerly race at all - though I have not seen it in the Auckland / Coromandel / Northland portion of the range of Scandia rosifolia sensu lato.

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