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Dacrydium cupressinum- white structures dotted along rimu leaf

(Non-member from Auckland)
15/08/2017 3:01:48 p.m.
Unsure of what exactly these round white structures are- observed using a dissecting microscope, in Auckland (apologies for the image quality; had to be cropped to fit within the 500kB limit).
Thanks in advance, if anybody can clarify what they are
17/08/2017 8:00:32 a.m.
You try emailing Dr John Salter (gondwana_josh@yahoo.com) she should be able to tell you.
25/09/2017 3:04:57 p.m.
That's pretty neat, I was told about some natives that have special nodes or sporangi type pollens on their needles as a male flower, and the female part the cone or vice versa...but I wasn't paying much attention tbh, too busy looking at the plants and bugs lol I'd be interested to know if you find out what they are!

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