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(Non-member from Waipa District)
15/08/2017 7:23:37 a.m.
Please explain the relationship between Nothofagus, Fucospora, and Lophozonia?
Apologies for lack of italics - still learning to drive this iPad.
15/08/2017 7:58:30 a.m.
Going on looks (growth habit, flowers etc) there were four different types (clades) of beech. DNA analysis confirmed that the types were sufficiently different that they should be considered different 'families' within the southern hemisphere beech. Nothofagus now includes five species from southern South America. Fuscospora and Lophozonia, with six and seven species respectively, occur in New Zealand, southern South America and Australia. Trisyngyne comprises 25 species from New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.
simplified from
also read
and comparison of foliage

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