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Creeping Vine

6/08/2017 9:27:55 p.m.
Hi all,

i have a number of plants i would like help identifying. i would be greatfull for some help.

the first is a creeping vine with shining dark green leaves. it seems to be smothering trees under it. im not sure that it is native.
13/08/2017 1:34:04 p.m.
Looks like Passiflora tetrandra - need to see an image of the young growth to see if there are tendrils present, if not then this is a Parsonsia (you cannot identify which species without seeing close ups of the flowers)
13/08/2017 8:18:27 p.m.
Thanks heaps Peter. ill do my best to gets some close ups of the young growth and flowers when they appear.

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