Dryopteris affinis


Dryopteris affinis


affinis: neighbouring, allied to, akin to


Dryopteris affinis Newm.



Flora Category

Vascular - Exotic


Widespread weedy fern of mostly easterly parts of New Zealand. Often in urban areas where it grows along streams or in wasteland. Also colonised plantation forestry, gullies and coastal forest.


Deciduous, terrestrial ferns. Rhizomes stout, erect, often covered in dead stipe bases. Stipes 100–400 mm long, pale brown. Stipes and rachises densely covered in orange-brown scales. Laminae elliptic or narrowly elliptic, 2-pinnate, 0.3–1.25 × 0.15–0.3 m, glossy yellowish green to dark green. Primary pinnae in 25–50 (or more) pairs, narrowly triangular or ± oblong, tapering at apices, sessile, 80–150 × 20–30 mm, with a darkish patch near junction with rachis when fresh. Secondary pinnae in 15-30 pairs, oblong, adnate or decurrent on pinna midrib, obliquely truncate at apices, ± entire or sparingly toothed only at apices, to 15 × 7 mm; secondary pinnae on the basal pair of primary pinnae ± equal in length either side of midrib. Sori round, 1-5 pairs on each secondary pinna, often confined to upper pinnae, covered by reniform indusia which are rolled under sporangia when young.


Not Applicable - Spore Producing

Main Flower Colour

No Flowers


Not Applicable - Spore Producing

Year Naturalised



Europe, Asia

Fact Sheet Prepared for NZPCN by: P.J. de Lange (10 November 2012). Description adapted from Brownsey in Webb et al. (1988).

This page last updated on 10 Nov 2012

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